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Barbara Bahtiar, International Psychologist & Author

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The loss of a beloved person affects us all deep inside our heart. It stays with us for a longer period of time and we often need someone to talk to, to help us understand the losses we are going through or we experienced earlier in our lives. Barbara Bahtiar is there for you to trust your inner feelings, to help you cope with trauma, grief or loss, to help you to stay grounded and focussed in life. In individual sessions you learn how to accept the losses, how to cope with them and how to survive in a pleasant way. The loss or grief can be of all sorts, from the death of a beloved one to leaving one's home country, studying abroad or living as an expat or third culture kid in a new country, under new circumstances.

Be welcome to join us at Bougainville, Center for Intuition & Psychology, Hereweg 100, 9725AJ, Groningen, Netherlands, +31505352775 or +31636377666.

Individual sessions in French, German, English and Dutch

Barbara Bahtiar is an International Psychologist and Author, living in Groningen, The Netherlands. In her books Rose Petals and Tea Leaves, roses of the Alhambra and other stories (2018), Roses of the Alcázar, a rose garden in Seville (2019) and Rose Petals and Jasmine Flowers , a Journey through authentic Indonesia (2020), she travels to beautiful places all over the world, describing feelings of loss, love, grief and pleasure . Her books invite you to go on an inner journey inside your heart, body and soul to discover beautiful places all over the world. You can buy her books at, or Be welcome to follow her on Instagram or Facebook: Barbara Bathiar, Author and International Psychologist (Facebook) or Barbara Bahtiar (Instagram).

International Students

Barbara Bahtiar is helping a lot of international students coping with their lives in The Netherlands, helping them to overcome trauma's in the past, present and near future. Individual sessions are given in French, German, English and Dutch, for Barbara lived, worked and studied several years abroad in France and Luxembourg, studying European Culture in Nancy, French Language and Literature in Grenoble and working for international organisations in Luxembourg, Strassbourg and Paris. She studied German and French Language and Literature in Groningen and completed a Master of Sciences in Psychology at Hull University (UK). It is her pleasure to help international students from all over the world enjoy their lives and stay in Groningen, overcome their difficulties and cope with life as an international student in a new country.

Barbara Bahtiar, International Psychologist

Barbara Bahtiar, Author